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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

    hump day

operation: not be a mom for a night? success. sweet, sweet, success

not only did i get drunk, dance like white people, get in 5 fights [3 verbal with some queens and 2 physical with some dirt nasty hoes] resulting in my getting thrown out of every single bar/club i went to that night, i came thisclose to getting arrested. those handcuffs were not very fuzzy. i don't really like the right to remain silent.....cause i don't really know how to do that.

and Jay says i'm not allowed out of the house for another year. i don't care. i had one of the best nights out i've had in a long time and i got crazy-great sex when i got home. it was worth the wait.


my bubba's birthday is coming up and i don't really know what to get him. i know i could say 'i birthed your baby, happy birthday!' and be done, but i've always gotten him really good birthday presents. why stop now? i was hoping he'd use some of his vacation time this month so we could have a little family getaway or something, but the way things are at work for him, i don't see that happening. hmm....there was some video game he mentioned but i don't ever pay attention when he starts talking about video games. i should probably get him a new PSP because ava totally ruined the one he has with her slobber. he thinks he lost it somewhere in the house; i actually hid it so he wouldn't see what his little princess did.


another year i'm missing bonnaroo. ugh.


it's really REALLY annoying to be trying for another baby and hearing about [an]other couple[s] getting pregnant because they just HAVE to share the news with everyone they know including people who cannot stand them. i'm not jealous, i just think i deserve to be pregnant before that wench because i'm better than her in every way imaginable.


i have never had a big mac from mcdonald's and i have never wanted to.