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Friday, February 19, 2010

    updates and such

so, having 2 small kids turned out to be a pretty time consuming task, hence the lack of blogging. but i love every moment of craziness.

kylie: my little nugget. oh, i am so in love with her. just as cute as cute can get. that little girl nurses like a champ and it's finally starting to show. there was some concern initially about her weight as she was premature, but she's now gaining weight. so yay there. she's very much like ava was as an infant: hardly ever cries and loves to be cuddled and talked to. as long as she's fed and has someone to look at, she's fine. she's even sleeping well through the night. i've been lucky with both girls on that front. as with ava, her grandparents are spoiling her rotten.

ava-marie: my sweet littleface loves her little sister. i'm a bit surprised because i thought she'd have a difficult time with having a new baby around and all the attention not being focused on her. she likes to throw away diapers and tries her hardest to help with clothing kylie. she just can't figure out those damn socks. she even shares! the first day we brought kylie home, we were all sitting on the bed and kylie started to cry a little. ava immediately grabbed her sippy cup and scooted over to her baby sister and tried to give kylie her cup so she wouldn't cry anymore. and then i cried. actually, having a baby sister has kinda made her slow down quite a bit. before she was just everywhere, running into walls and doors and falling in deer shit [that's a whole other story for another time]. now, she's my little-big helper. she definitely has her moments though. there are some times when she gets a little jealous or she's not in the mood to play nice or she doesn't want to hear kylie crying. overall, she's adjusted very well.

jay: my wonderful husband. THIS MAN! he loves being a dad. he gets up in the middle of the night to get kylie when she's crying. he gets ava up and ready in the morning and they make breakfast together. he changes poopy diapers. when he sees that i'm getting overwhelmed, he'll take one or both of the girls and entertain them while i get some much needed rest. i never have to ask him to do anything; he just knows exactly what to do when it needs to be done. he's incredible. we're both dreading his return to work next week.

me: i just love being a mom. it does get a little chaotic sometimes. ava will want me to read a book while kylie needs to be changed and nursed and i just wanna go shower and pee without an audience. it's all worth it though. i wouldn't change a single thing.