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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

    yay flu season!!!


so, i have the flu AND bronchitis. i am not very pleased with this. but i haven't been to work in over a week so that's a plus. i would've been here blogging but i've pretty much been in bed and puking my brains out since last tuesday or something like that. i've just been bitchy and whiney and i have no idea how Jay puts up with my shit but he's the bestest. i think because i'm not taking any medicine, it's sticking around longer than it should. but i think the flu is starting to go away since i don't have a fever anymore and i haven't puked since sunday. the cough is still horrible though. i feel like at any moment i'm gonna cough up my right lung. and the worst part? i don't get any nookie. Jay doesn't even sleep in the bed; he sleeps on the floor on my side of the bed. that's super cute and all, but i'm horny. we did do it when i was ovulating but that didn't really count cause it was strictly business. i don't even remember if i was awake.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Jay went to like 4 parties this past weekend so he's not allowed to go anywhere tonight. i still feel like crap so i'm not leaving this couch. i'm sorta kinda looking forward to the little trick-or-treaters though. you know i love little kids in costumes, but everytime i see stuff like on tv i just start bawling. i saw the most adorable little baby in a bee costume and i cried for over an hour. losing a baby alone is a very hard thing to go through, but everyday there's something to remind us of all the things we're missing out on with that little girl and it makes it so much more worse. i'm so lucky to have Jay cause i really don't think i could get through this with anyone else.

ugh. my nose is starting to leak again.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

    my sense of smell and taste are on vacation

hi bb's. how ya doin?

minus this nasty cold, i'm pretty good. Jay and i took the day off yesterday to look at some lofts in the city. the whole thing was just a waste of time though. we saw some really great places, but by the end we both realized how extremely stupid it was for us to be looking for/moving into a new, more expensive place when we don't even know how much longer we're gonna be living in this area. so....yeah, we're not moving. at least not anytime soon.

we were supposed to drive down to alabama this weekend for the game, but i'm sick and my hubby's taking care of me. he made me soup and cuddled with me on the balcony last night. and he's gonna make me some tomato soup and grilled cheese in a bit [it's almost halftime]. he's so sweet and adorable. but you know, it just wouldn't be right if i didn't complain about something. he made me freshly squeezed orange juice this morning; while i appreciated his hard work and thoughtfulness, i don't like pulp in my juice..... and there was PULP IN MY ORANGE JUICE. i didn't throw a fit, i just didn't drink it.

october is almost over, yet we've only seen 2 days and one night of fall-like weather. i don't like that. i want my hoodie-weather NOW. i love fall and winter. i would be okay with spring if it weren't for all the rain and the havoc it wreaks on my allergies. i couldn't care less about summer now that i've found the perfect bronzer.

hey! if you see a new chrys.ler commercial within the next couple of months it looks wicked awesome, that's my baby's work! on tv! if it's not wicked awesome, that means his final changes got cut and everyone else at his job sucks and they will not be getting any my homemade chocolate chip cookies ever again.

ugh, i feel so nasty and miserable with this cold. i would love to throw back half a bottle of nyquil but i'm keeping the innards drug- and alcohol-free. we're sorta kinda but not really working on the whole trying to conceive thing and i don't want anything to go wrong. it's a secret so don't tell anyone. he and i don't even talk about it. prior to us actively TTC, we decided when we were ready, he would just tell me when it was okay for me to stop taking the pill and to stock up on pregnancy tests. when it happens, we're not telling anyone but the doctor we're seeing. we'll do all the prenatal stuff, but there won't be any shopping for baby stuff, no nursery, no baby showers, nothing. i still refuse to wear maternity clothes. when i start putting on the pounds and people start asking questions, i get to say "bitch, i'm not pregnant; i'm fat. good day!" i know it's probably a bit too much, but i just want everything to be okay and i don't wanna jinx it this time. does that make sense?

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    sparkle someone else's eyes

i go on break in about an hour. i can't wait. i gets my afternoon delight. =)

i'm always in a better mood afterwards. i just smile from ear to ear, waiting for 5:00 to roll around.

i wish i could go home cause there's NOTHING for me to do here. it's a good thing i brought my laptop from home. =)

Jay got mad at me last night cause i asked him why are we engaged if we're not getting married. i thought it was a pretty legitimate question but he said it was "stupid" and he hates it when i say "stupid shit like that". but i made him some chocolate with peanut butter chip cookies and he was over it. he never answered my question though.

i've been considering [again] shutting down this blog. i've damn near abandoned it anyway, i don't think anyone would miss it. i don't know; it's only tuesday. i'll probably change my mind by the end of the week.

Monday, October 15, 2007

    i'm stuck in a routine.



    Wednesday, October 10, 2007

      with every word whispered we get more far away

    i'm such a sucky blogger now. it's almost shameful. you forgive me, don'tcha? there's nothing spectacular going on right now anyway.

    yesterday was a bit rough.
    seven months.
    i always hate when the 9th of the month rolls around because the entire day i'm just consumed with thoughts of what could have been. and i still can't walk past the baby section in any store without having a brutal breakdown........

    -Jay's almost done with all his grad school applications. it seems like the closer he gets to completing all of them, the more he doesn't wanna go at all. i can't figure out if it's because he doesn't wanna get rejected by any of them [which i highly doubt he'll get rejected] or because he's gotten really comfortable at his job now. maybe it's both. i would rather he go to school instead of working but for my own selfish reasons; i just tell him to do what makes him happy. just because he gets accepted to a school doesn't mean he has to go to any of them.

    -work is decent for a change. since we're in a new phase of the project i'm a part of, i get to sit at my desk and run stats and goof around with the other RA all day.

    -Jay did go to the tennessee/georgia game this past weekend. the only reason i didn't bitch and moan about it was because my darlin Amy was in town and i got to dress like a tramp and party it up with her. gay clubs are the bestest.

    -backstreet's back. again. alright! the 12 year old fan girl in me is giddy with glee.

    -saw 4. october 26th. nip//tuck october 30th. and i get to go to a haunted house this year. still haven't decided on a costume yet. dressing up and going out depends on how Jay's work load is. we don't go out when he's on a *big* project. he's not a pleasant person when he doesn't get his beauty sleep. i love that angry sex though. boy knocked my uterus into my pancreas once. i'm having spasms just thinking about it.

    -i definitely want an oreo mcflurry soon. liiiike right now.

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    Tuesday, October 02, 2007

      will you do the fandango?

    i know, i know. minus the drunken post, this little blog has been neglected. it's not my fault though; there are simply not enough hours in the day. i'm not doing really well balancing a *hubby*, a full time job, and social obligations.

    monday thru friday from 8 to 5, i'm at work. Jay and i have lunch together once or twice during the week. that always makes me smile cause i miss his stinkin ass.

    after work, more often than not, we have dinner with people from Jay's work. it's not horrible because i get along with everyone fairly well; i'd rather go straight home though. nights we DO go straight home, i cook and usually Jay's sister will come have dinner with us, stay overnight and ride back to campus with me/us the next day. if she doesn't come over, i actually get ALONE time and i can't be bothered with anything else. i just sit in Jay's lap with my legs wrapped around his waist, and he rubs my back and kisses my neck. that makes me smile too. i love to be spoiled with affection.

    then, there's football season. gotta love some college football. i have a rule that he can't have people over 2 weekends in a row, and when he does have people over, i need a week's notice, NOT the night before. asshole. so far, it's going well but Tennessee has some big games coming up and that boy bleeds orange. he definitely wants to go the Tennessee/UGA game, but i don't. he's been a good doggy boy so i may let him go without giving him shit about it. i won't be happy about it, but i'll let him go.

    and when i'm not being *hostess with mostest*, we're out with people from his work. naturally. [insert eye roll here] and i'm almost convinced two of those couples are swingers. i get the swingers-vibe from them. i hope those bitches know they ain't got but one time to make a wrong move or look at my man, and i'm stabbing a bitch. i'm the only one tapping that. you definitely can't touch, so you might as well not even look.

    oh yeah, i haven't got fired yet. obviously. now that all the prelim stuff is out of the way, i don't have to deal with anyone but the other RA and he likes me. when i do walk past *the others*, they give me a fake-ass smile and go on their merry little way. i don't give a fuck; they can all eat shit and die. =)

    my lab coat!! my spiffy white lab coat!!! i don't even have to buy sexy costumes anymore. i just need some cute lingerie, heels, that coat, and it's on. the only downside is i have to wash it almost every damn night to make it all clean and fresh again. but then i spray some of Jay's cologne on it so that i can smell his scent whenever i want. i'm a dork, i know.

    we've been on the hunt for a new place in the city, but it's been difficult to schedule apartment viewings after work and on weekends. so, i'm not really sure how that's gonna work, if at all.....that does not make me smile.

    there was something else i wanted to write about but i forget what.....

    hmmm.....i don't know.

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